Stanley Floyd

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Whats Your Hurry

Lyrics > From These Hills

V. 1
 What’s your hurry, Mister Time? You’ve got too much on your mind.
 Won’t you lay down on your pillow and let me slowly live my life.
 I found a girl with so much love, a hundred years is not enough.
 What’s your hurry, Mister Time?  It would mean so much to us.

 Tomorrow you will change the world, and the universe.
 Turn mountains into valleys, and oceans into dust.
 But could you end a perfect love, would I really ask too much?
 What’s your hurry, Mister Time? It would mean so much to us.

V. 2
 So many places we would wander, so many things that we would do.
 If life could just be longer, you know it all depends on you.
 Together we would watch the beauty of a million days and nights.
 Take your time and think it over, but to me it seems so right.

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