Stanley Floyd

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What The Country Means

Lyrics > From These Hills

V. 1
 There’s no castles in Cain Holler, no mansions on  Flint Hill.
 And it’s a long way to Hollywood from the cabin where I live.
 Some folks don’t understand me to them I’m a mystery.
 Why I call it home where the wind blows free.

 What does the country mean to me?
 It’s a way of life that I will never leave.
 it’s the mountains, the rivers, and a million stars.
 it’s the country folk that’s deep within my heart.

V. 2
 I’ve never been to Boston and I guess I never will.
 You can have those city lights and I’ll take the whippoorwill.
 When I wake up late at night and look into the sky,
 I thank God for the blessings in my life.

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