Stanley Floyd

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Walking On The Cloud

Lyrics > From These Hills

 Oh, what a lovely day, the world looks good from my house.
 Even when it rains, the sun shines down on me;
 Because I asked someone a question,
 And exactly like I prayed;
 She said yes, now we’re waiting for the day.

 So I won’t make a wish, when I see a fallin’ star.
 No more pickin’ daisies, then pullin’ them apart.
 I already know she loves me,
 And there’s no loves me not.
 So now, I’m just listening to my heart.

 And you can’t buy a ticket for walkin’ on the clouds.
 Some folks will spend a life time and never figure out;
 What it takes to send a man up to the moon.
 Yes, I’m a lucky man to find a love that’s true.

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