Stanley Floyd

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The River Runs

Lyrics > Reaching Out To You

 They shed His blood, He said forgive their sin.
 They watched Him die upon a cross, but He came back again.
 That precious blood, the tomb could never hold;
 To bring eternal life to you and me;
 This blood forever flows.

 And the river runs, flowing forth from Calvary.
 Giving grace and life to all who will believe.
 And the river flows, cleansing hearts and saving souls.
 The river runs because of God’s Son;
 The river flows.

V. 2
  This precious blood takes the sting of death away.
 It pays the debt of sin we owe that none could ever pay.
 This fountain sweet, no other stream will do.
 Now and forever Jesus lives;
 Reaching out to you.

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