Stanley Floyd

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The City

Lyrics > Reaching Out To You

 What good would a city be if it had no lights at all.
 Even with gates of pearl and around it jasper walls.
 It if only lay in darkness with no light to make it shine,
 What precious things would be hidden for all time.

 But the glory of that city will be his righteousness.
 His light will shine eternally and all will be at rest.
 There‚Äôll never, ever come a night,
 And faith will then become as sight,
 And Heaven will be Heaven because of Christ.

 A life without a ray of hope and around it darkened walls.
 The soul within more precious than all diamonds and fine gold.
 Then what precious things His light revealed from all darkness I was     healed,
 Then I stood amazed and saw for the first time.

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