Stanley Floyd

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I for one can truly say that Christmas is a time of miracles. It was in the early hours of the morning on Christmas day that I found that God is really real, more than any earthly person could possibly be to me. I was 18 years old and living a hard life and foolishly thinking of nothing but today. I was full of pride and selfishness and my heart was black. People thought well of me, but inside my heart I knew things were so empty and hopeless. Deep down I really wanted to know if God was real and if there was any other way I could have lived. I thought of eternity and somehow I knew I must find the answer while there was breath in this body. I don't know what time it was, but sometime late into the night I began to pray. Then God began to show me the horror of dying without him and he showed me myself as I looked in his eyes.  I began to see the truth as never before. I felt so sinful and so nothing in his presence.  I begin to pray with all my heart, asking God to forgive and to make me a real Christian.

As I prayed I realized that I wanted to be right with God more than life itself. Suddenly I knew God had forgiven me and a joy came into my heart that was beyond description as I felt his spirit and his grace flood my innermost being. I spent the rest of the night just praying and talking to God. I got up Christmas morning knowing for the first time what Christmas is all about. I first went to the bathroom to look in the mirror to see if I looked as different as I felt inside. Oh, God is still just as real today, and has done so much for me and my family. God brought the miracle of Christmas into my life and is reaching out always to us all every day of the year. It hurts my heart to see so many around me in so great need with the troubles that life so often brings to us all. These are the things on my heart and mind as I pray, "God, another miracle for each one and all, the miracles of Christmas for every need". May God bless you all, and every day of the year.

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