Stanley Floyd

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Old Rock Fence

Lyrics > Reaching Out To You

 Well, there’s an old rock fence near the home I was raised,
      I remember very well.
 It’s been many, many years ago, many memories I could tell.
 But the thing I like to talk about that makes my heart so glad,
 Is the way I felt, that day I knelt,
 On the farm my Daddy had, On the farm my Daddy had.

V. 1
 Well, have you ever seen a day in spring with freshness in the air?
 Have you ever been set free from sin, with His Presence everywhere?
 Well, I remember how I used to be and how I used to do,
 And the way it changed, Oh, praise His Name,
 The day that I prayed through, The day that I prayed through.

V. 2
 Now many of my friends have passed away and I am growing old.
 But the way I felt, that day I knelt, today is good as gold.
 Well, my friend, don’t wait till its too late to make your record clear.
 Won’t you look around  and  hear the sound
 And know that day is near,  And know that day is near.

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