Stanley Floyd

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Never Leave Her Cryin'

Lyrics > From These Hills

V 1
 Being on the run is not a life I’m wantin.
 I’ve been livin by the gun for so long I know.
 If I had one more chance, I’d start my life over.
 My fightin would be done, and I would just go home.

Ch 1
 Lord, I’m so far from home, and I hate the thought of dyin.
 To see her one more time, is too much to ask I know.
 Lord, I know that I done wrong, and I know I left her cryin.
 Oh, how that I would change, if I could just go home.

Ch 2
 If I could just go home, that’s what I wantin.
 If I could just see her one more time.
 I’d kiss her face and tell her that I love her.
 And I’d promise her I’d never leave her cryin.

V 2
 The life I’ve left behind is the reason why I’m payin.
 But she’s always in my heart, she’s touched my very soul.
 She’s always on my mind, and that is why I’m prayin,
 To see her one more time, if I could just go home.

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