Stanley Floyd

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Magic Man

Lyrics > From These Hills

 Well, I don’t know why she tells me these things
 All day long  it’s the song that she sings.
 I’m just a man and I love her so much;
 But some how she thinks I got a magic touch -

   she says: (1 st cho. only)
 You’re my Magic Man, I want you to know.
 You’re my Magic Man, and I love you so.
 You’ve turned my life into something so grand
 And I want you to know you’re my Magic Man.

 I know you’ve been workin’ so hard everyday.
 And sometimes nothing’ seems to go your way.
 But don’t get discouraged, Honey, I understand.
 I know you can make it - you’re my Magic Man.

 You turn time into money five days a week.
 So me and the babies will have something to eat.
 And when you come home you put a smile on my face.
 I wish you could know how you make my day.

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