Stanley Floyd

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I Cant Think Of A Reason

Lyrics > Reaching Out To You

 I can’t think of a reason, I can’t think of a thing.
 I can’t think of a reason, not to give everything.
 He’s the King of forever.
 He’s the Lord overall.
 I can’t think of a reason not to give Him my all.

V. 1
 Oh, you say life’s too busy and you can’t find the time.
 You have found many pleasures, but the Lord you can’t find.
 Oh, my friend, please start searching
 For tomorrow’s too late.
 For today is salvation, but salvation won’t wait.

V. 2
 What about tomorrow, then what will you do.
 You found many treasures, but then this life is through.
 What will you give for a reason
 When you kneel at the throne?
 Oh, there’s not a reason to face judgment alone.

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